Precision Cooling Towers Preventative Maintenance can help to extend the life of your equipment.

Keep Your Cooling Towers Running Smoothly

You wouldn’t neglect your vehicle when it’s due an oil change, tune-up or tire rotation and it doesn’t pay to neglect your tower either. A cooling tower, while not exactly a space shuttle; has numerous rotating parts and internal components that require periodic attention to keep them working properly. With downsizing in the workforce, it’s common for facilities to be shorthanded when it comes to trained maintenance personnel. This commonly results in the cooling towers being put on the “back burner” in order to address more pressing issues. That’s where Precision can assist with Preventative Maintenance to keep your cooling towers running smoothly, without taxing your limited staff. We have many of our customers that have turned to Precision for the Preventative Maintenance needs.

Extent Cooling Tower Life With Ongoing Inspections

Preventative Maintenance can not only help to extend the life of your rotating equipment; it can help to identify items that might have slipped thru the cracks. Identifying and replacing a leaking oil line during Preventative Maintenance is much better than having to replace a locked up gearbox that has run out of oil. Simple things such as keeping spray nozzles unplugged and flowing properly can help improve your tower’s performance. Our maintenance teams are well versed in performing Preventative Maintenance on a “cell by cell” basis while the rest of the tower is in operation.

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