Precision Cooling Towers – Your Single Source for All Cooling Tower Parts

Cooling Tower Replacement Parts

When cooling tower parts break, the best scenario is to have a spare on your storeroom shelf. To help you achieve that scenario or to help you when you don’t, Precision maintains a fully stocked warehouse of miscellaneous cooling tower parts.

As an OEM supplier of all cooling tower replacement parts, we can either pull from our stock or provide competitive pricing from the manufacturer’s stock. Precision receives volume discounts, and we pass that savings on to you, our customer. We provide competitive pricing and timely delivery for all tower brands and models. The following are just a few parts that are readily available.

  • Gearboxes

    • Amarillo
    • Philadelphia
    • Marley
  • Fan Assemblies

    • Hudson
    • Cofimco
    • Moore
    • Marley
  • Drive Shafts

    • Addax
    • Rexnord
    • Amarillo
    • Marley
  • Motors

    • Siemens
    • TECO
    • Baldor
  • Vibration Switches

    • Murphy
    • Metrix
  • Fill Media

    • Cellular and Splash Type by Brentwood
    • Cellular and Splash Type by Shepherd
  • Drift Eliminators

    • Cellular and Blade Type by Brentwood
    • Cellular and Blade Type by Shepherd
  • Casing

    • General Purpose
    • Fire Retardant Fiberglass
  • Louvers

    Fiberglass Stationary or Closeable

  • Piping

    • Fiberglass
    • PVC
  • Treated Lumber

    • Douglas Fir
    • Redwood
  • FRP Structural Components

    • Strongwell
    • Bedford
  • Hardware

    Series 304 or 316 Stainless steel

  • Fan Stacks

    General Purpose and Fire Retardant

  • Decking

    Plywood and Fire Retardant FRP